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Ask Meg: Advice for all your daily dilemmas

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Q: Part of my major requires me to complete an internship, but I don’t know where to start looking, or even WHEN I should be thinking of starting this process? Help. –A.C.

A: I think every college student can relate to this issue.  Most majors these days require students to complete at least one internship, if not more.  However, when many professors seem to believe theirs is the only class that we have homework for (and then multiply that by 4-5 different classes), how can a student find time to complete coursework, intern, and still have that all important social time?

Having balanced school, interning, and working while trying to maintain a social life myself, trust me, it definitely isn’t easy.  The key to success in all of this is to understand your limits.  If you are feeling particularly stressed with everything, you can’t be afraid to prioritize.  In most cases, you’ll most likely ending up cutting out time with your friends, but hey, when all your schoolwork is done, how much stress will be lifted off you?

As for when you should start the process of looking at and applying to internships, it is never too early.  There are plenty of sites and outlets where you can find information on the various positions.  Asking professors from your major about opportunities they know of will also help you to find the best fit for you.  The more research and effort you put into finding an internship, the more you’ll be able to find a position that really fits what YOU’RE looking for.


Q: I recently started seeing a guy that I really enjoy spending time with.  While things were moving along smoothly, with finals approaching he seems to be clinging to me more and more.  I have told him not to take the distance personally, that schoolwork (at least for now) has to come first.  However, he only is becoming more and more needy, what do I do? –A.G.

A: First, let me say, good for you knowing your schoolwork is paramount in this situation.  Now comes the hard part, making him understand this as well.  If your guy is a student at Post as well, then maybe reminding him that it’s finals time for his classes also might be a good nudge in the right direction.  If he still doesn’t take the hint, maybe you need to explain that a break is necessary during finals.  Without sounding abrasive I have to say, you should never let schoolwork, or work in general, suffer because of a relationship.  Let him know that it’s important to you that you do well in your studies, as it will affect your career.  He may not like this answer, but he certainly can’t argue against it.

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