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Awkward Moments

Victoria Esteve
Staff Writer

Shows like Awkward on MTV and popular web series like Awkward Black Girl proves that everybody goes through humiliating, blush-worthy moments. It’s especially worse when something embarrassing happens to you in college, the place where you try to reinvent yourself.

I’m the type who loves to doodle in class. One semester one of my teachers, who loved to walk up and down the aisles while he lectured, glanced down at what I was scribbling. “Unfortunately there will not be a drawing portion on the test, Victoria,” he announced. For the rest of the semester he would always shoot me looks to make sure I was actually writing notes in my book. It was embarrassing because doodling in class is such a silly thing to do, especially when the teacher is going over what will be on a future test.

Everybody has a mortifying story to share, and the students of LIU Post campus are no different. Here are the stories of a few brave souls willing to share.

“One of my most embarrassing moments in college was just the other week,” said a sophomore English major, who doesn’t wish to be named. “It was in a class that I didn’t do any of the readings for and the teacher mentioned that next class there was to be a quiz. I started freaking out, asking what was going to be on the test and she kept giving me brief answers. So I got super frustrated and called her mom… I said something like, ‘Mom, are the handouts going to be on the test too?’ I know she and other people in the class noticed but didn’t say anything, which makes it that much more embarrassing.”

“I’ve had plenty of embarrassing moments,” said Mia DeFranco, a senior Dance major. “One of my more clean stories that I can say is falling down the steps with my laundry basket freshman year. What made it worse was it was in front of everybody in Nassau[Hall].”

These uncomfortable in¬stances rear their ugly heads every now and then to serve us some humble pie. It is awesome if you can look back and laugh at them, but the most important thing to remember is that they happen to everyone. If you have any other funny stories that you want to share, email us at!

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