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Best Music Apps

By Jenesia McNeil
Staff Writer

It’s not a normal day at Post if you walk out of your dorm room and don’t hear music blasting through the walls. Whether you’re in your car on your way to school, walking to class, or just lounging in your dorm, music serves as a means of stimulation. Music is what gets most students through a long and tiring day. With many different music apps to choose from, students are guaranteed to be satisfied with whatever it is they listen to on a daily basis.

“iTunes is the best music app,” Marise Singh, a graduate Special Education student, said. “Literally everything you need is on there; there is every single genre.” The iTunes app is not just limited for music, but also offers a lot of variety to choose from, such as games, books, movies, and more. “You’ll never need to go looking or searching. It’s on iTunes!” Singh added.

Normally you do have to purchase items on iTunes, but downloading the app is free. Prices vary depending on the item you purchase. iTunes captures its audience with animation and extravagant layouts to keep their users intrigued.

Pandora is another music app that is commonly used. Kenny Stanton, a senior Social Work major, said, “Pandora does the job; the music is easily shuffled. It also asks your opinion about your music interests.” Pandora offers widely diverse types of music, as well.

Using Pandora, you can listen to any particular genre or musical artist. Pandora also offers musicians and songs similar to your specified preference. Most importantly, it’s free for download and free to listen to at any time.

Max Bovin, a sophomore Film major, said, “Shazam is by far the best music app. It’s the most reliable.” He continued, “I’m able to find out a particular song by holding my phone to the sound of the music and Shazam supplies the song’s name and artist.” Shazam offers more than just identifying music to its users; they also offer television and movies. There is an option for free download of the app as well as an option to purchase the paid version. Shazam is another addition to an already popular technological wave of music.

In my opinion, the best music app would have to be Pandora; it is very reliable. One other feature Pandora supplies that other music apps don’t is the lyrics to the songs they are playing. It also includes the musical instruments apparent in the music. That’s pretty cool!

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