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Capable of Happiness: Beautiful Minds

Last updated on Sep 14, 2018

By Gillian Pietrowski

Columns Editor

And just like that, we are back! I hope you all enjoyed your summer and are ready to take on the school year. Each semester gives us the opportunity to be a better version of ourselves. I know we end up falling back to the same old routines, but I want to challenge you to share your ideas this year. But what exactly do I mean?

A common thing I’ve heard recently is, “Don’t be shy, that was exactly what we were looking for.” This has not just been said to me, but to others as well. We get nervous to speak up about ideas that we have because we don’t want to be wrong. So, we let that fear of being wrong hold us back from achieving things or even inspiring others. It can happen at work, in school or even during an interview.

Readers of “Capable of Happiness, Joseph Jen- kins, senior English major, and Angie Bletsas, senior childhood education major.

Something important for everyone to understand is that even if you say something you believe isn’t inspiring or important, it could be to someone else. Your small piece of advice to someone could have been the life changing news they needed to hear. Even I have read a sentence in a book and said to myself, “This is exactly what I needed to hear today.”

That is why it is so important to believe in yourself and your thoughts. This can also help when you are at a job interview or at school. When the person interviewing you or your professor asks you a question, you might become hesitant about your answer. But once you reply, they tell you that it was exactly what they were hoping to hear! Have more courage in what you are saying.

If you are someone who is kind, compassionate and wants the best for others, then you have a beautiful mind. People with beautiful minds inspire others with what they have to say. The next time you have an idea that you believe will help the situation or that can help others, please speak up. You never know who you will inspire and that can give another person the courage to speak up, as well.

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