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Commuter Column: A New Type of College Experience

By Josh Tolentino

Staff Writer

I remember the day I wanted to be a commuter. I told myself I wanted to be as far away from everything as possible and have the experience of someone who went to a CUNY (city university).

It’s my last year, and I can honestly say I’ve had a college experience different from the movie stereotype. People tend to look at a commuter’s college experience as the equivalent of eating a salad without avocados. It’s the type of story your co-worker tells, running her mouth about how she hustled even though she still works in retail.

Commuting gives you the best of both worlds: hanging out with your friends and having your own shower. It’s a great moment when you step onto something gross in your tub, squirm and realize, “Wait, that’s my hair, it’s fine, we’re OK.”

I am not a rich man. I take two buses to get home to Flushing, and I’ve had my share of frustration with the MTA’s service – I see why they give the announcement that assaulting workers is a felony.

Here’s the thing, I found that my best and most unique experiences in college were when I missed the last bus or when I had nothing to do and stayed late on campus.

Commuters are always in a hurry to get out. We have stuff to do off-campus, but we also have life to live on-campus.

For me, this was the one time I got to party full-out. Drinking and talking about nothing, laughing and wondering if you might be gay – that’s college. You don’t get that if you make it before rush hour. So let’s make this year the best one yet, while we also keep our own shower.

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