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Commuter Column: Joining Clubs

By Travis Fortounas

Staff Writer

With the variety of clubs LIU has to offer, it’s hard to decide what club to join. From gaming to Greek Life, there’s a club for many interests.

Travis Fortounas

As a commuter you might think twice about joining a club. You may wonder whether staying on campus for a club will lead to more traffic delays on the way home. And, do you really want to stay on campus until 6 p.m. to wait for a club when classes end earlier? Thoughts like these can make commuter students hesitant to join clubs.

For myself, clubs were easier to join at my previous college, Suffolk County Community College, due to the short commute home. Because of my two hour commute, joining a club at LIU is not as easy. Balancing school work, commuting and joining a club is challenging for me.

Other commuters agree. “I live an hour away, and now with clubs meeting at 6 p.m. and some- times with traffic, it’s not the best for a commuter,” Kyhara Jeanty, a senior broadcasting major, said. “I don’t have the time, but for a student who can fit it in their schedule, it’s good,” she said.

But joining a club can add to the college experience, and there are plenty of ways to kill time rather than waiting around. Study for a test or work on assignments; visit the tutor center for a little extra help on a subject; or squeeze in a quick work- out at the Pratt. Utilizing your time well is critical in college and can take you further than you think.

Clubs can be a huge asset in a college student’s career. You can meet new people and build connections – not to mention the free food most clubs offer upon appearance.

Not all clubs meet in the afternoon; there are a variety of clubs that meet during common hour. You can find a list of clubs that LIU offers online or find more information on clubs and events at the Promise office. Clubs can easily fit into any student’s schedule, it’s just a matter of arranging your week to make it fit.

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