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Confessions of an LIU Post Student

By Julian Wilson
Staff Writer

By the time we reach college, we all have experienced at least one embarrassing moment that we will never ever forget. For LIU Post students, some of those memories are still just as lively as when they occurred. LIU Post students confessed their most embarrassing moments, while reflecting on them toward who they are today.

Everyone suffers an embarrassing moment at some point in life. Try to avoid getting hit with a pie in the face! By Tia-Mona Greene
Everyone suffers an embarrassing moment at some point in life. Try to avoid getting hit with a pie in the face! By Tia-Mona Greene

Jillian Giuffre, a sophomore Electronic Media major, said, “[I] fell down the steps the first day of high school because I was scared I was going to be late to class.” When asked why that was embarrassing to her, Giuffre stated, “I made myself look like a fool in front of everyone.”

Sophomore Acting major Kristen Camos said that her most embarrassing moment involved another person. “An acquaintance was waving at me and I waved back, but they were really waving to someone behind me.” Camos expressed her reasoning for being embarrassed, “When you think that one person is somebody else, when they’re not, things can get awkward and embarrassing really quickly.”

Some embarrassing memories can last a couple years. Amanda Gaimaro, a sophomore Speech Pathology major, found herself reflecting on one moment that in particular. Gaimaro stated, “In 9th grade, I sat through the wrong math class for almost the entire period. It was so awkward.” When asked how that made her feel, sitting through an entire class that turned out to be wrong, Gaimaro said, “I was so embarrassed. The teacher asked the class who she didn’t call out loud for attendance. So I responded to her, saying that she didn’t call me. After that, the teacher simply told me that I was in the wrong class.”

Gaimaro expressed, “It’s a funny moment in my life, but I don’t think about it that often though. Still, it was one of the first memories that came to mind,” she laughed.

Although there are regular embarrassments, and even those that stick around with you for a little while, other embarrassing moments can last a lifetime.

Jake Scotto, a junior Electronic Media Broadcast major, still remembers the day he played the DJ at a Sweet Sixteen party. “This was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I was doing a one-man Sweet Sixteen. This means that I was the only DJ there, and my shift was the whole night. All the pressure was on me when I was calling out all the ladies and gentlemen to pay attention to the candle ceremony.”

“Then, it happened,” Scotto stated. “The room was filled with 125 to 135 people. I was calling this one girl’s name Kristen all night, and I don’t know what happened. When I was calling her up to the candles, I called her Stephanie instead of Kristen, and everyone looked at me, like I was an idiot. I will never forget it,” he said.

When asked if Scotto still reflects on this embarrassment, he confesses, “Yes, absolutely. Whenever someone asks me if I have an embarrassing moment that makes me not sleep at night, I always go back to that same night. It gives me butterflies in my stomach every time, but you live and you learn,” Scotto expressed.

Giuffre, Camos, Gaimaro, and Scotto, are only few students with embarrassing moments. However, all of them have something in common: their embarrassing moments have molded them into the people they are today.

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