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Crazed Twilight Fans

Geena McGuinness

“Oh my gosh! Twilight!” millions of fans screamed as the doors opened at midnight on November 18th for part one of the saga’s finale, Breaking Dawn. Several people ordered tickets in advance when the box office began selling them last Tuesday. Dozens waited outside the Merrick Cinemas with blankets behind the stanchions for hours in 42-degree weather, then raced in trying to find the best seat possible.  Those who aren’t diehard Twilight fans may think “why is this so special?”

“Most boys don’t get it,” said Kelly Barratt, a junior Fine Arts major, “to us, it’s like their version of a new video game or superhero movie coming out, and what girl isn’t obsessed with Robert Patterson?”

When asked about the crowd outside the theatre, Steve Capone, a manager and shift supervisor at the Merrick Cinemas said “I don’t mind the crowd. But it’s kind of annoying to know that we’re getting paid the same as any other day. There are so many people here!”

Some oppose the next step in the saga, however. “I think it’s a fictionalized fantasy of what people want love to be, and that’s why I think it’s such a hit,” said Matt Marando, a senior English major. “ I personally think it’s stupid.”  This is a typical comment from a guy.

It appears the mystery will remain unsolved when it comes to trying to figure out why Twilight is so endearing to its fans. But just like any other major blockbuster, fans will continue to pile up outside the doors waiting for them to open.

“We’re completely sold out in all our theatres,” said Jeff Ianucci, another employee at the Merrick Cinemas, “I’m already nervous thinking about the madness part two will bring.”

So instead of asking fans what makes Twilight so special, a better question may be, “Are you team Edward or team Jacob?”

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