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CW Post vs Poland Spring

As reported in the Pioneer on October 27, the Jericho Water District guaranteed that it is supplying the C.W. Post campus with the best water.  It said it would be even better than bottled water.

So, the Pioneer decided to test the truth of that promise.  After holding a taste test during the common hour in Hillwood Commons, there were some contradicting results. There were more votes for bottled water than Post’s drinking water. Out of the 11 students who volunteered for the water tasting, only two of them preferred Post’s drinking water. The rest of the students preferred the Poland Spring bottled water.

The voting was done anonymously.  There were two cups, one that was placed on a red circle and the other on a blue circle, that had the two different water samples. After they had put in their color vote, the results were then revealed.

All of the students detected a difference between both waters. Most of them voted for the blue circle, which represented for Poland Spring water. Unexpectedly, temperature mattered within their vote. Most of the students found the bottled water to be colder than C.W. Post drinking water and said this factor could have affected their vote.

“I was surprised by the outcome,” junior Emily Timpson said. “The drinking water was cool and refreshing. I found the Poland Spring water to be tingy and thought that was the school water.” Another student, senior Jill Scionti, said, “I do not think there was much of a difference, but the tap water tasted the same for me.”

The students had their own opinions about both waters but none had a negative comment about C.W. Post drinking water. Even though Poland Spring water was liked overall, C.W. Post drinking water was not neglected. The bottled water was just preferred.

Some students were even shocked at their own school’s tap water.  “I was surprised how good the Post water is in comparison to the bottled water,” junior Alexandra LaRocca said.

In this anonymous water test, students preferred the bottled water, but they also didn’t mind Post’s drinking water.  In this case, the Jericho Water District was incorrect with their statement. It has more to do with personal taste.  And, of course, even though students prefer the bottled water, the cheaper option is always the free Post water!

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