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Damn, He Got a Point: Different Strokes For Different Folks

Is beauty purely physical, or is it also emotional?

Kahlil Haywood

What is beauty? My friends and I often find ourselves talking about all types of women, and, sometimes, I’m taken aback by how many types of people we can be attracted to. The ways people perceive beauty are so different. My friends and I have endless debates about what we like and whom we find attractive. More times than not, we don’t agree on the same ladies. We all have our own preferences. What may look gorgeous to someone else may not look as good to me, and vice versa.


This got me wondering: What constitutes ugliness in a person? For instance, I may love thick thighs and big hips, but that same type of body may not work for everyone. Many times, one may find nice bodies and not so nice faces. This is a question that none of us have answers to, but it’s definitely something to think about.


Sometimes, you can’t help but think that some people are universally unattractive. Jean Morantus, a senior here at Post says, “Everyone has a preference, but most would agree a ‘Flavor Flav’ would be ugly.” It’s hard to pinpoint, I suppose.


A big nose on one person may look good on him or her and just not as good on someone else. Joanne Ligonde, a sophomore student, says, “A lot of attraction can come simply from how someone carries them self.” Matthew Waters, a senior as well, also chimed in and said that, “A person’s aura has a lot to do with how much I’m attracted to them.”


It’s arguable that beauty may not have much to do with the physical appearance. Other things do accompany beauty, such as how someone speaks or socializes. I once had someone tell me that they put looks second and were attracted to someone because they had a good reading voice. It’s all relative.  You will often find that people with bad attitudes or people who are simply unpleasant with how they behave. Those same people may be, by physical standards, some of the most beautiful people, but they have hideous insides. This is one debate that is seemingly endless.


Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. You watch shows like Maury, and you sometimes see odd couples and wonder, “How did they end up together?” You may see a 30-year-old man with a woman who is 75. Sometimes, you may even see a very tall person, who is in love with a midget. Surely, in these situations, the attraction is beyond physical, but a lot of it still is. The reasons for all these weird pair-ups baffle all of us. But, we may confuse others with the people we are attracted to as well. I suppose that attraction, more than anything, may be more linked to emotion.


Emotions are sometimes the only things that we can link to decisions we make. Many times, emotions defy logic, which is why the aforementioned situation always seems to boggle us. There really is no concrete answer to what beauty is, but I would say, simply put, it’s being comfortable in your own skin… truly comfortable.


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