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Damn, He Got A Point: Red Alert!

Do women’s’ periods affect their emotions?

Kahlil Haywood

Over the past few weeks, I have been getting the same complaint from different guy friends of mine. Many of them have complained about either a current girl or a past girl having random outbursts of anger or irrational behavior. When I hear complaints, my first instincts are to try and help and get an idea of the scenario. This is increasingly difficult when the guy involved is just as lost as I am.

There was one day when my fellas and I were in the car, and one of my friends was explaining a scenario with his woman and how erratic she had been behaving. Before I could even utter a word, one of my other friends simply asked, “Is she on her period?” I laughed briefly, but I began to think if this was a legit question or not. By the next day my friend said,“yes she was on her period, and everything’s good now.” I was shocked; I began to think that maybe there was a correlation between a woman’s cycle and how it affected her emotions or decision-making. I wanted to get a better consensus on the issue and decided to ask a few ladies about their experiences; here’s what was said:

I asked Junior Schavon Greene about her feelings on the issue, and she said that this doesn’t affect her personally, saying, “My attitude never changed because of my period.” She went on to say that “Too many women use PMS as an excuse to be the bitch they really are.” A female senior, who has asked to remain anonymous, said that it definitely affected her. “I’m definitely easily angered because I’m in pain; I’m not irrational just more short-tempered,”she said. Junior Anny Jules said that she doesn’t get “bitchy,” but she does feel the effects of being way more emotional than usual.

What we have here is a variety of experiences that lead me to believe that there is much validity to the feeling that many women do act off of emotions more often around “that time of the month.” I often tried not to solely blame the sudden arguments or changes in attitude on Mother Nature, and I still don’t think you should totally, but obviously, for some women, it is a real factor. You can’t really change what seemingly comes so natural to a woman I would suppose. What I would say is that, to the ladies whom this does affect, you have to remain a little more cognizant about the people you are in contact with and the decisions you make.

If you’re a man, understand how certain things may affect your lady, and try to give a little more leeway around that time. I’m sure this is a prevalent situation for a lot of us, and I was actually surprised that some of the ladies I interviewed admitted to the changes in emotions or demeanor. My personal experiences saw women denying that their periods affected any other aspect of their life that was non-physical. This issue has had me thinking back and wondering if maybe big disagreements I’ve had with people had anything to do with that girl being on her period. Personally, I can’t really put a finger on it. One thing I can put a finger on is that I now know that this is something to look out for and so should you, fellas.

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