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Damn, He Got A Point: Where Is The Glove

Relationship Colum

Kahlil Haywood

As much as we all might think we know each other there’s still a lot that we don’t know. We’re all always holding a little something back. There’s nothing wrong with that for obvious personal reasons. But when you’re active in this world sexually, at any age there’s now a higher degree of responsibility. For some reason or another on college campuses there’s really a lighthearted attitude towards the topic of unprotected sex. Sure everyone knows or has heard how much better it feels, and I guess that’s fine and dandy, but I also think it’s scary how shortsighted these people can be.

In 2006 a study was taken by The National Chlamydia Screening Programme, which examined new cases of Chlamydia. The tests showed that infections peeked from ages 16-19 in women and ages 20-24 in men. This is only one example of how being irresponsible can hurt you. Of the people they tested at that time, 1-10 were infected at that point. I only say these things to put things into perspective and not to scare you. Just know that you’re getting older and the risks are real; to the point that pregnancy is the least of your worries.

I graduate this coming May, and I’m in my fifth year here at Post. I have seen many come and go and I have known of many cases in which someone was being deceived and someone literally got “burned” for it. These risks simply aren’t to be taken lightly. You’re at a time in your life when you really should be working on school and still having enjoying yourself socially. However, you need not be bogged down with the heavy thoughts associated with having unprotected sex.

“Unprotected meaningless sex will undoubtedly lead to a meaningful disease,” is how senior David Alexander felt on the issue. Senior Tristan Trowers concurred in saying, “Although unprotected sex is a great feeling, there is no better feeling than knowing you don’t have anything.” You have to understand that you have a much higher chance of catching something on campus than you do living at home, as being on campus there is a vastly smaller community. When you are home you technically have a much larger population open to you rather than being in a close community in which things can be passed around a lot faster.

“I don’t think it should be done because you can’t trust that anyone on campus is only having sex with you. If you made a “family tree” of people that had sex with each other on this campus you’d see that everyone is connected!” said senior Shanel Smith. I’d have to concur, I tend to think along the lines of how responsible someone handles themselves  sexually, but like I have said before everyone doesn’t always tell you everything, that’s where your decision making comes in. Sophomore Chantelle Mclean said that unprotected sex was seen as “forbidden fruit” and many people know it isn’t the best decision but do it regardless. She went on to say that if people knew of more cases of STD’s or STI’s on campus, maybe people wouldn’t be so quick to go in “raw.”

I’m not looking to be anyone’s father in any of this, but I’d hate for any of your lives to be compromised by things you can simply avoid. “Unprotected sex on a college campus or anywhere for that matter is a very large risk to take just for the sake of something that feels better. When you weigh the risks and possible consequences it’s just not a very smart decision to make,” said junior Curtis Dabel. I’m the last person in the world to tell you not to have sex, we’re sexual people and that’s a part of life, but can you really feel sorry for the person who didn’t wear the seatbelt in the front seat? Do your homework early on this issue and prevent the stress. You all are in college and aside from the headache of school you need to be having new, fun and SAFE experiences. You deserve that much.

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