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Do You Believe in Aliens?

By Danielle Sposato
Assistant Copy Editor

We envision life to only exist in our world. Whether it’s cultivating in our oceans, swimming in our currents, growing on our land, or inhabiting our lives, life is prevalent in every turn.

However, what if life existed beyond our world, beyond our atmosphere, further away than we could ever fathom? Would you believe it? Prepare to be amazed because planet Earth may not be the only planet sustaining life.

Photo by Moriah Santiago
Photo by Moriah Santiago

Enter Mars: one of the key planets in every alien invasion movie to come across the big screen. For many living organisms, it’s essential to our existence to have a constant water source on this planet we call Earth.

In NASA’s most-recent discoveries, it has been found that there is “liquid water” that “…flows on the surface of Mars,” according to Loren Grush’s, The Verge article entitled, “We’ve found water on Mars, but finding life still won’t be easy,” (Sept. 30).

Grush delves into NASA’s recent findings of water streams on Mars, which have sparked eager excitement throughout the world. If you’re wondering why everyone is so excited the answer is quite simple: where there’s water, there is potential for life! Thus, sparking the ques- tion, do you believe in aliens or life elsewhere?

“It’s scary to think about,” said senior Public Relations major, Julie Abbruzzese. “Living in a world where you feel like you’re the center of the whole universe, it’s like, how can it be possible to have other life out there?” like life isn’t what it seems, that we as a species, or any other species that prospers on our planet, are so insignificant compared to the potential of what’s out there.

No matter how small or how large, the concept of life being sustained anywhere else is shocking in itself. According to Grush, any life on Mars will most likely be microorganisms, but that doesn’t mean these findings aren’t significant. This is a BIG deal. Didn’t we start out that small? Weren’t we just as tiny?

“I believe there is life out there,” Tina Schwartz, senior Adolescent Education major, said. “I am not at all surprised it’s on Mars, I feel like it has been a long time coming hearing this news. I wouldn’t be surprised if whenever NASA does on land Mars with whatever special machines they want to use, that it would be something that none of us will ever be able to comprehend.”

It’s hard to imagine that Earth isn’t the only planet with inhabitants. Perhaps these water streams found on Mars will lead us into a discovery that can change the world. According to Grush, whatever they may find, may not be anything that we’ve ever seen before.

Whatever the case may be, NASA is going on this mission with high hopes, determined to search for potential life, the only thing stopping them is they don’t even know where to start. All we can do is wait in anticipation while NASA, along with other countries and their space programs, work together and send their probes to the big red planet. One can only hope that whatever life is out there, that they come in peace.

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