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Does C.W. Post Have Its Own Health Care Issue?

By: Dan Degerman
Opinions Editor

Around the country, people are still dealing with the dilemma of universal health care. On one hand, everyone wants to be good, compassionate people and help their neighbors. On the other hand people hate to spend their money, and are afraid of catching the vicious and incurable plague known as socialism. One could say that a similar dilemma confronts students at C.W. Post.

Some complain that the Student Health and Counseling Center provides less than exemplary service. While, the health center is open Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. to 8 P.M., the hours that a medical doctor is available are limited to two to three hours per weekday. Arguably, this may prevent students from accessing qualified medical care on campus.

According to some, the limited hours also force students to make the choice of either visiting the physician or going to class. Furthermore, the waiting time in the infirmary can sometimes be extensive.

“I don’t expect them to have a hospital on campus,” said Michael Greco, junior at C.W. Post.  “People just like to complain about s**t.” Perhaps Greco has a point. It may be that students should consider the fact that if a student believes he needs to see a doctor, it should not be that difficult to prioritize.

Otherwise, it seems that the only solution to this supposed issue is to charge students more to pay for an around-the-clock, on-location medical doctor. The rise in cost would probably be marginal compared to the total costs of attendance here at C.W. Post. Nevertheless, one cannot help but wonder if the general student body is willing to pay to placate the worries of a few students.

The crusaders of complaint have previously been a topic for discussion, but is there more to this situation than arbitrary grumblings?

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