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Dormer’s Weekend

By Chihiro KusazakiScreen Shot 2014-04-23 at 07.33.29
Staff Writer

On the weekends, despite the number of students living on- campus, LIU Post seems totally different from what we see every Monday through Thursday. The Hillwood Commons Café, The Bookmarks, Humanities Café, and Subway are all closed on the weekends.

Winnick Dining Hall, where dormer students usually have meals, opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 8 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Starbucks opens at 9 a.m for breakfast, and closes earlier than usual, at 3 p.m. Though the off-campus shuttle bus runs on weekends, it does not run often and the time schedule differs from the weekdays.

Max Nacho Bovin, a freshman Film major who lives on-campus, usually spends his weekends having fun with his friends off-campus. “I usually hang out with friends at their houses because there is nothing to do on campus most weekends,” Bovin said. “I get excited for the weekend because the work and stresses of college can be overwhelming.”

“I usually go to the city on weekends because there are many more art galleries [there] than on Long Island, and something is always on going,” said Meng Xing Hu, a Fine Arts graduate student who has lived on campus for two years.

Hu said, “Since I am an international Art major, I have never thought of living off campus because carrying all my art supplements every [day] is just too much.” When Hu has too many assignments, she stays in her room and watches TV and movies online in her free time.

“Currently, I am enjoying tastes from around the world,” said Melis Selen, a freshman Psychology major. “I have tried Cuban, Mexican, Italian, and Thai recently. I found those restaurants on Long Island. Since I got my own car, I love driving [for] my leisure.” Melis added, “I will definitely rent an apartment and live off campus for the following semester, but I’ve met so many nice residents, especially my roommates, so I am pleased.”

Miho Osugi, a sophomore English Literature major, is another city-goer. “It’s time to shop for a lot of clothes for spring!” Osugi usually goes to SoHo for shopping. “I sometimes have to get my work done over [the] weekends. In that case, I would go to the Broadway Mall in Hicksville, watch a TV series, or hang out with friends in the common room in my dorm. I love those opportunities to meet new friends.”

It seems like dormers make the most of their time in their homes- away-from-home. Where to live and who to live with are big decisions for students. Think carefully and choose wisely.

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