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Easy Tips to Apply on Your Next Interview

By Melissa Weisman
Staff Writer

With graduation only a few weeks away, Roni Badrian, the as- sistant director of Career Development Services, provides students with tips on acing an interview. “The interview starts once your resume is out,” Badrian said. In order to prepare for the interview, Badrian advised candidates to follow these steps:

1) Research the company. Make sure to be knowledgeable about ma- jor aspects about the position.

2) Know how to get there prior to the interview and who will be interviewing you.

3) Dress to impress. Men should wear a suit or dress pants, a blazer, a button-down, and a tie. Women should wear a suit or dress pants, or a long skirt and minimal accessories, and should carry a small clutch/bag – no big purses. Women are also advised to have tidy nails.

4) On the day of the interview, get there 10 to 15 minutes early. Bring a pen, copies of your resume, a list of credible references, and educa- tion transcripts.

5) Make sure you cellphone is off — not on silent or vibrate.

6) Be friendly. Make sure to smile and say hello.

7) During the interview, show confidence, personality, and enthusi- asm and make sure to have a firm handshake, keep eye contact, pay attention, and listen carefully.

8) Speak slowly and clearly, and pause if you need to collect your thoughts. Avoid saying, “um.” Also, remember to maintain a profes- sional posture — do not slouch.

“An employer will probably ask you questions regarding situa- tions where you showed signs of teamwork, leadership, or relationship building skills. Make sure to have an appropriate answer,” Badrian said. Badrian also suggested asking “at least one or two questions at the end of the interview. It will show that you are engaged. When closing, a good question to ask would be: ‘When can I be expected to hear from you?’” she said.

“I think it is important not to be intimidated when applying for jobs or going on interviews,” said Kevin O’Lear, a junior Broadcasting major. “Go with an open mind and a positive attitude; it will help you feel more confident and less nervous,” he added.

“Being prepared is key. If you come unprepared, it shows, and your chances of being hired are diminished,” said Rebecca Young, a sophomore Business Management major.

“There are so many people applying for jobs, and even if you don’t seem original, you might still have a chance of getting the job if there are many positions open. However, if you appear to be disorga- nized or ignorant and if you are late, you won’t get the job, no matter how many slots are open,” Young added.

LIU Post Career Services is located in Kumble Hall on the sec- ond floor in room 200. For more information, contact Badrian at roni.

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