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Anne Winberry

First and foremost, on behalf of Jackie and me, I would like to thank the entire C.W. Post Campus for making the Pioneer such a huge success! It is great to see so many students reading and talking about issues reported in the Pioneer. Thanks to a fantastic staff; we are producing a professional and objective newspaper.

Many readers have written about our relationship column, which is written by our very own Online and Opinions Editor Alex Parker. This column is written from Alex’s point of view. For those of you who disagree or can share a different view on relationships, we encourage you to come to our meetings or write a letter to the editor! Gentlemen, if you are not the man Alex Parker is talking about, please write for us! We would love to hear the other point of view!

This semester our staff has done everything possible to report objective and unbiased news and so far, we have succeeded.  Our job as journalists is to provide you with the events and issues on campus. Sometimes that is met with controversy.

When administration, faculty, staff or even students decline to comment on an issue, it becomes part of the story.  Sometimes the news we report is not the most flattering, but it is news.

Journalists often, unfortunately, have difficulty in obtaining quotes or information from certain sources.  Those sources worry about the repercussions a quote in the paper can bring them.  This is something our reporters have come to accept on our campus. However, it makes it difficult, if not impossible, to report both sides of the story when one side declines to comment.  We are never looking to attack any organization or person. We are looking to report the issues, fully and fairly.  We are confident to say that we have worked hard to do that so far this semester, and we hope our readers agree.

I encourage all of you to keep reading this year.  We will continue to provide you with all the news on campus, and we give you our promise that we will remain unbiased in our reporting.

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