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By Harry Pearse
Staff Writer

What excites you? The weekend and its fantastically fun festivities? Maybe it was homecoming last week, where you could tailgate and scream until the sunrise of Sunday. Perhaps it’s Christmas?

Although, these things do excite me a hell of a lot, it’s the tiny things, which to others may seem insigificant, that “gets my juices flowing.” When you fill a bowl of cereal, for example, and reach for the milk in the fridge… you begin to pour, and the milk runs out just enough for you to enjoy your cereal and not have a dry mouth from lack of moisture. That would make my morning and provide me high spirits for my math class first thing on a Monday.

Photo by Harry Pearse  "Love it when the gamble pays off. Making the bus when you're running late is a gem." - Sebastian Baxter, graduate MBA student and shuttle commuter
Photo by Harry Pearse
“Love it when the gamble pays off. Making the bus when you’re running late is a gem.” – Sebastian Baxter, graduate MBA student and shuttle commuter

It could also be as simple as when you are driving to school, and one of your favorite songs randomly begins to rock the car. For me, that completely boosts my attitude towards the day.

Although, you guys may not get excited about the end of a milk carton, I think that we all need to appreciate small, good things, which could potentially lift our mood. Why do we need something major to dig ourselves out of a mood? We don’t have to wait to receive an A in a paper to feel fulfilled; perhaps a simple gesture of someone opening the door for you can create a positive shock around our body and mind. It may even get us to walk around happy? Wow, that would be amazing.

Yes, we all have stresses that get us down and dampen our spirits, but come on guys, let’s not be so angry and unapproachable. I really feel that we could all do a better job at being a little more ‘sprightly’ and having more of a ‘spring’ in our step. And maybe the first step of this new and improved us, is the simple allowance of satisfaction for small things.

Let’s get more excited over someone buying you a coffee, or offering you a light for your cigarette, or even someone letting you go when you are in your car, merging onto the LIE. Just imagine our appreciation for big things, if we start to love and become more excited at the small ones.

Life really is going to throw some curve balls at you. It’s also going to hit you when you’re down. The best remedy—the best cure— is to smile and enjoy tiny things, which occur on a daily basis; things we don’t even acknowledge. Maybe it’s because they are expected. They shouldn’t be. We should relish in the moment: when we go to butter our toast, half asleep, and as we spread the last golden crust, we realize there is no butter left, and we say “phew…that was a close one?!”

More often than not, you will run out of milk for your cereal, and would have to eat dry Special K; the butter usually is gone, and you notice only after you have put your bread in the toaster. Just think back, and see which out-weighs which: small things that go wrong, and make it feel like the end of the world, contra small things that go right, that we don’t even acknowledge?

Be excited by the small things. Appreciate every bit of ‘luck’ or good riddance you experience. Because what if something big doesn’t come along? We will all just be miserable people. Now, go and enjoy your toast.


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