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Facial Piercings: In or Out?

Gabriella Ianiro
Staff Writer

When are facial piercings appropriate? Who decides whether or not piercing your body is right or wrong? Does age play a factor? I personally love facial piercings. I think they give people an edgy look. My favorite facial piercing are nose rings. Yet, I am too scared to actually get one. Our generation is evolving from the old fashioned cleancut style to a generation with piercings, colored hair and tattoos.

I don’t think piercings dictate what type of a person someone is; instead it describes their sense of style. Having facial piercings doesn’t make someone a bad person. I believe that when people do have facial piercings they are showing off a badass or rebellious style. Maybe I think this because you have to be brave to put a needle through your face.

Junior Broadcasting major, Lauren Thomas, believes that there is a stigma to people who have facial piercings. Thomas said, “People look at them and say, ‘Oh there’s THAT person,’ especially in the work place.” Thomas thinks that bosses in today’s workforce are older and more conservative, and believes that they look down on facial piercings. “They believe you need to be plain and be dressed appropriately which means no hair dye and no piercings,” added Thomas.

In the younger generations, I feel that it is common to see people with facial piercings. You don’t really think badly about it when you see it; it has become a part of the culture. The kids of our generation have piercings and tattoos and they will become the bosses of the next generation. I think that as time goes on everyone will become more accepting to this new era of style because it is so prevalent.

Junior Public Relations major, Andria Osler, used to date a piercer. “I was really attracted to piercings; I thought they were really cool,” she said. Osler had 13 piercings but never had anything on her face pierced. She had 12 piercings in her ears and her bellybutton. Today she only has a few in her ears and her bellybutton. “Now I realized that I can’t put anything
on my face; otherwise no one will take me seriously,” explained Osler. She now feels that facial piercings are unattractive. However, her mom, who is 55, has her nose pierced. Olser said, “It looks classy on her; she just has a small stud.” Osler explained that her mom doesn’t work in a corporate office but at a spa in Port Washington and that no one there has a problem with it. I don’t think that there should be an age limit on piercings; everyone has the right to do what they want to their body.

Junior Public Relations major, Kerry Evans, got her nosed pierced when she was 16 years old. “I got my nose pierced during my alternative phase.
I also wanted my tongue pierced,” said Evans. “When I was 19, I got my nose repierced, since it had closed. I started dating my current boyfriend and he didn’t like my nose ring so I took it out,” Evans said. She believes that the nose is a very common piercing; therefore it’s not something extreme.

Facial piercings are no different than the
way you choose to dress, style your hair or put on makeup. I believe it is a way to express yourself and your style. People shouldn’t be judged by their piercings. It’s just a style.

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