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Fight the Chill

Gabriella Ianiro
Staff Writer

Unless you’re lucky enough to spend the winter months abroad or can hibernate until the spring, you’re going to have to figure out how to stay warm this winter.

Have you ever woken up and thought to yourself, “It is way too cold to get out of bed this morning.” I have, many times. I think it’s safe to say we have all considered staying in our warm beds and ditching our packed schedules in order to avoid the bone chilling weather. What can you do to stay warm this winter?

Potoula Anagnostakos, a sophomore Journalism major, has a few tips of her own to fight the chill. “In order to keep warm, I always have a cup of hot tea, I don’t leave the house without warm socks, and a scarf is a must.” Anagnostakos said when she is home, keeping blankets around the house is a neces­sity during the winter months.

You’re going to think I’m crazy but I dress as if I’m on a ski trip in the ice-cold mountains. I wear thermals under my clothing. Yes, thermals, the layers you wear under your snow pants and ski jackets. They’re perfect! So thin and lightweight, they fit under any outfit. I never leave the house without my hat, gloves and scarf. On really cold days I bring hand warmers with me. They’re little packets that heat up. You can put them in your gloves or just keep them in your pocket. You can purchase them at Ridgeline Ski & Patio in Manhasset NY, located at 144 Plandome Road which is only about 10 minutes from campus. They sell three packs for five dollars. Not only are they inexpensive, they last for more than seven hours!

Kevin Chenicek is a senior Education major plays who plays for the LIU Post Pio­neers baseball team. Their season begins in the cold months of February and ends in May. “During games, I wear Under Armour to stay warm and during the games in early March, a lot of hand warmers are being passed around within the dugout. We also try to keep moving to use our own body heat to stay warm,” said Chenicek. Being an athlete, Chenicek said it’s important to keep warm so that his muscles don’t cramp up.

Danielle Blaney, a sophomore Criminal Justice major, depends on layers to keep her warm. “I wear layers. It’s comfortable and easy for me to do. If I get warm during the day I take a layer off. Easy as that.” Drinking hot chocolate and wearing Ugg boots are Blaney’s two favorite ways to stay warm. Keeping the basic winter necessities such as gloves, hats and scarfs with her at all times keeps her guarded from the cold.

For those students who commute to LIU Post, a brilliant thing to do is to run out to your car ten minutes before you have to leave. Start the car and crank the heat- by the time you’re ready to go your car will be nice and warm. There’s no need to endure the cold while you start your commute.

Apparently none of us are hibernating- use these tips to stay warm and comfortable!

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