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Five-a-Day, Keep the Doctor Away

By Harry Pearse
Staff Writer

Healthy eating and a balanced diet are important for so many reasons: a general health, good immune system, physical health, and physique. I don’t mean the diet of a super skinny super model or an animal on the cover of Men’s Health, nor do I mean a green tea only- diet, or just apples for each meal of the day, because let’s face it, most of you guys want to have a normal life. Right? However, making a conscious effort not to have Five Guys every day would go a long way, and eating relatively healthy will completely lift your mood!

Photo: Khadijah Swann
Photo: Khadijah Swann

Being an athlete, as well as living in a house full of athletes, we are all eating pretty well most of the time, and the one food that we love and live off of is eggs! We go through about four or five twelve packs each week. As students, eggs are just a perfect source for our balanced diet; they are cheap, rich in protein, versatile beyond belief, and if you have them with toast or bread, you’ve then made a nutritionally balanced meal with carbs and protein.

However, cooking eggs when you dorm on campus can be a tricky task, I suppose. Especially when you indulge in the campus’ Michelin star food court, Winnick. But instead of eating multiple slices of pizza, or having a waffle with syrup for breakfast every morning, mix it up: throw some lettuce in with the chicken parm, or have a glass of water with every meal.

Of course having the choice of eating or drinking anything you want is a perk that comes along with the western civilization we all live in, but before you have that second or third cookie, stop and think, “no, I have had one,” because the hardest thing when you are looking after your diet is trying not to overindulge when you have the opportunity to.

Although we have spoken about this a few times in other issues over the semester, and many of you gasped and snubbed at the idea of working out, that too helps to keep a healthy lifestyle. It actually provides a justification when you do eat at Five Guys or you do have that extra cookie. If I eat a really unhealthy meal, such as a SmashBurger or a pizza, I just say to myself that I’ll burn it off in the gym.

This lets me have a few treats and unhealthy meals here and there. But, obviously, if you have a good balanced meal, which means having a source of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fats, vitamins, fibers and salts, as well as paying the gym a visit every now and again, your body is going to reap the benefits!

One motivation to keep an eye on your diet is to make sure you don’t look like the guys on biggest loser, where ‘letting yourself go’ and not giving any f***s when it comes to your diet can result in severe problems. We don’t all have to look like Victoria’s Secret models, or Captain America, but just a small amount of effort to try and keep the balance of nutrition goes a long way, and as we are all college students, many of us drink on the weekends.

Imagine all the calories from drinking (unless you have a vodka-soda, a zero-calorie alcoholic beverage, which my teammate Jason Lampkin does enjoy, but then again he does belong on the cover of Men’s Health) and then obviously having your slice of pizza next door to Dizzies, then having a bad diet throughout the week. This can all take its toll on the fat content in your body.

So, just don’t have multiple Five Guys in a week, keep hydrated, and make sure you have a balanced diet with every meal. For you guys on campus, Winnick isn’t the best, but it’s not an excuse either. You can definitely get a source of everything that you need!

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