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Ghosts and the Supernatural: Another ‘Plane’ of Life?

By Julian Wilson
Opinions Editor

Just for a moment, pretend that I am a director of a real life documentary, and allow me to paint a picture for you…

There’s silence all around you. You’re sitting alone in your house, surrounded by darkness. Your eyes are heavy and you really want to sleep, but you cannot. Something is keeping you awake. It may be because you just don’t want to sleep, or it may be something else, entirely. You hear a noise in the room, nearby. However, no one’s supposed to be home, except for you. What would you do? Would you enter the room alone to find out the noise? Or would you stay stationary where you are?

The truth is, there’s no telling what some of us what do if a supernatural situation occurred and we didn’t have the answer as to ‘why’ or ‘how.’

Those two subjects may be exactly what you’re currently wondering: Why the ‘supernatural?’ Or how can something like that be possible? The answer to that depends on your perception of what the realm of ‘possibility’ is.

Transfer junior art education major, Manuel Villalobos, for instance. Villalobos hasn’t experienced a supernatural event first-hand, but he does believe in the possibility that it can occur, and not to any one person, but to anybody. “I do believe, I’m curious in the possibility of bumping into one,” Villalobos stated. He added, “The universe is made of energy and when we die, that energy has to go somewhere. I believe that ghosts were once humans who lived, and I don’t know what it means in the grand scheme of things, though it’s a great mystery.”

A mystery that has many theories as to its secrets and general understanding. According to an article by Kelly Tatera, ‘Do You Believe in Ghosts? This Psychological Phenomenon Explains Why’ off ‘The Science Explorer’ (‘’ – Oct. 29, 2013), there may be a scientific explanation behind the spooky circumstances of spirit-sightings.

The ‘science’ behind it pushes the fact that our brain has heavily to do with ghostly-sightings or unusual events. In the article, sociologist, Barry Markovsky, expresses that “…the way our brain works plays a key role in our supernatural beliefs.” He goes on, adding that “…Our brains try to make sense of ambiguous information by making patterns,” and that “…it’s probably not a coincidence that most people report seeing ghosts in dimly lit places or right before bed.”

Is that really all there is to the supernatural in this world? Junior broadcasting major, Stephanie Mocerino, doesn’t seem to think so, for she has actually experienced ghostly-sightings in her life and she is a firm believer that they exist on their own. “My pop-pop had just passed away, and I was with my mom at our church early in the morning, helping put together food baskets. After, we got out of the car, and I saw a man that was wearing the exact same clothes as my pop-pop and he looked exactly like him and he was just pacing back and forth by a statue of Mary in the parking lot,” Mocerino stated.

One could wonder, did her mom see the same thing? Mocerino added, “When I freaked out and told my mom to look at that man over there, and that he looked just like pop-pop, she replied to me, ‘What man?”

It seems as though while not everyone experiences the same events under circumstance, that there definitely appears to be a connection between the ‘supernatural’ world, and the ‘real’ world that we’re used to. I for one believe in ghosts and supernatural entities, but I do think that your soul and mental state needs to be ‘trained’ in order to see them. I view supernatural events as happening in another ‘realm’ of life (perhaps even the afterlife). I know, I’m stretching my boundaries a bit, but above all, it’s a very intriguing thing to ponder about.

In light of this subject, what do you believe? Please be sure to send all of your thoughts, suggestions, and comments to ‘The Pioneer’ at

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