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Giving Thanks

By Jenesia McNeil
Staff Writer

The end of the year is fastly approaching. This is the time we get to sit back and reflect on what we have done throughout the year: things we’ve enjoyed, things we would like to change or even improve on, etc. Most importantly, we are appreciative and thankful for making it this far. What better way to give thanks than celebrating with loved ones and good food? We all know the holiday—Thanksgiving. The time of year catered to giving thanks for any and everything you are thankful for.

Post students reflected on the festivities, and the good food they encountered. “I am thankful for my parents pushing me to where I am,” said Amaury Narvaez, a junior Film major. “I’m also thankful for my new car seeing that I’ve been taking public transportation everywhere I’ve had to go.” Needless to say for most college students, they are thankful for the support of their family, friends, and loved ones. Those are the individuals considered their support system, who are needed to make through those trying four years. “For the Thanksgiving holiday, my family normally meets at a relative’s house and have dinner. We listen to music and then it just becomes a family party,” Narvaez continued.

Along with the materialistic things we possess, Post students are thankful for just being alive. There have been so many tragedies and deaths that have occurred this year involving the old as well as the young. Alena Seaman, a sophomore Forensic Science major, said, “I am thankful for everything; most importantly I’m thankful for life!”

The typical Thanksgiving dinner and party is not the way everyone celebrates the holiday. There are other activities that people engage in to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. “We have a small family dinner and then we go to the movies to see any movie that came out on Thanksgiving.” Seaman continued. “No one is ever there.”

I am thankful, of course, for my family and friends, but at this moment of life I am thankful for the opportunity to further my education. I am also thankful for the drive and passion that keeps me going.

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