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Happy Anniversary?

Alex Parker

Anniversaries can be spent a multitude of ways with your spouse. If you’re more of a low-key couple it might just be a movie-on-demand kind of night where you sit on the couch and cuddle up together. If you’re feeling a little more lavish, perhaps you go to a nice dinner. But how often are couples celebrating these anniversaries?

In my experience, my boyfriend and I only celebrated our yearly anniversaries. We would usually just go out to eat and maybe see a movie, nothing over the top. What I just can’t wrap my head around are the couples who seem to be celebrating their anniversary once a week. I can even hear it in my head, “Oh my God babe, we’ve been together for three weeks! Where’s my present?”

Seriously? I know those are the couples that are in the honeymoon phase and are still spewing sunshine and rainbows about each other. But realistically speaking, that’s just plain silly. Maybe I can understand celebrating your six-month anniversary because let’s face it, if you’re with a person for six months, chances are you’re going to be together to see the one-year mark. Just like we’ve become serial tweeters and facebookers, members of our generation seem to have become serial daters as well.

If you’re so surprised that you’ve made it two, three, or four months as a couple, chances are you shouldn’t be together. Then of course there are the gifts; it’s your anniversary so of course you exchange gifts, right? Well, what in the world do you buy for someone who you’ve only been together with for a few weeks? I used to have trouble with the yearly anniversary gifts, let almost buying something once a month.  (A small aside note on that, doesn’t that get awfully expensive?)

Anniversaries should be that one special day a year that you and your significant other get to do whatever it is that you want. I find it a little superfluous to have twelve or more anniversaries per year. I know all you new couples are bursting at the seams with love but, take it down a notch; you may find yourselves broke at the end of the first year.

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