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Head Coach Profile: Meghan McNamara

By Thomas Scavetta
Staff Writer

Meghan McNamara, women’s lacrosse coach. By LIU Post Athletics
Meghan McNamara, women’s lacrosse coach. By LIU Post Athletics

As the head coach of LIU Post’s women’s lacrosse team, Meghan McNamara has many goals for the upcoming season. She wants her players to focus on the little things and developing good fundamentals. Also, McNamara wants her players to develop strong bonds with one another and improve every game by taking the season day by day, which is essential to winning a national championship. McNamara stated that the first step as they climb the ladder towards another national championship is their first scrimmage against Yale.

McNamara started playing lacrosse in eighth grade with a wooden stick. The wooden stick was given to her because her sister won MVP at a camp. That’s when she first started playing.

McNamara was encouraged to play lacrosse because she loves the competitive nature of the sport and she was surrounded by great teammates. She also loves lacrosse because it’s challenging everyday and it’s fun and enjoyable. Her parents told her to always strive to be the best she can be, which has led her to amazing success.

As the head coach, McNamara wants to make sure that she can be a great role model for her players. Demonstrating leadership, teamwork, and character will help these young women be a positive impact in the world. McNamara will do anything she can to help her players achieve their goals both on and off the field.

Originally, McNamara thought she was going to college to play soccer. She played ACC lacrosse at the University of Maryland where she won four national championships. McNamara played as an attacking midfielder. As a player in college, she only lost four games in all four years. Three of the losses came as a freshman.

McNamara shared with me some of the strengths and weaknesses of the current team. One of the team’s many strengths is that they have a great core group of returning players. In addition, many of the players are experienced in championship play. She factored in that leadership, character, and compassion are second to none. They’re growing as a team, which is every year’s challenge and the team’s biggest weakness.

Academics was always first on McNamara’s list and it kept her in check. Without her education, she wouldn’t be able to play lacrosse. Both academics and lacrosse made her who she is today. She was determined to be the best she can be and academics was a great outlet for her achievements.

McNamara gave an inspirational quote that demonstrates how great of a coach she is, stating: “I have a pleasure to work for a tremendous group of young women and I get to share with the university how special they are.”

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