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Hillary Clinton for President?

Last updated on Jun 11, 2015

By Julian Wilson
Assistant Opinions Editor

With 2015 nearing its midpoint, it’s time to start planning and preparing for the holidays already. However, that’s not the only thing to mark your calendars down for. It’s almost time for a new presidential race of primaries that will take place next year.

Leading for the Democrats is former secretary of state and Obama-adversary, Hillary Clinton. As for the Republicans, and third- party candidates, there is no word on who’s running just yet.

Ryan Cavanaugh, a senior Criminal Justice and History double major, is tied between his thoughts on the matter. “I’m unsure of if she will be a good candidate for the job,” Cavanaugh said. “Mostly because of how screwed up the foreign policy was under her as Secretary of State. I honestly couldn’t care who is elected president as long as they do the job well.”

Meanwhile, sophomore broadcasting major Brittany Mitchell thinks that Clinton is a worthy candidate for president. “Clinton has had a lot of experiences in this area and she’s run for president in the past so I think that puts her at a safe advantage,” Mitchell said

“If she’s elected president,” Mitchell continued. “I hope that she can help with issues pertaining to college, especially when it comes to student loans and the actual pricing of an education in America.”

On the other hand, Cavanaugh said, “If she were to be elected I would like to personally see more pressure on the United Nations to enter into peacekeeping and enforcing international law.”

Cavanaugh believes that Hillary Clinton’s gender is going to have less of an effect on the election than some people seem to think, and that it is really too early to say if she’ll be considered since preliminaries have not yet been held. “It is still possible another democrat could steal the show from her,” he said.

Personally, I think that Hillary Clinton announcing her campaign for president is great news. Even though America as a whole has its share of problems, I believe that it’s moving in a progressive direction and even more so than before. We see developments like this beginning to unfold more in recent times, like Obama becoming the first African- American president, and I think that if handled right and with care, she could definitely help to positively contribute to U.S. policy and law.

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