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How is Starbucks Doing Now?

Daniel Caccavale

Before the start of last semester, Hillwood Commons upgraded some of its food service centers. One of the major changes was the addition of the new Starbucks. By now everyone has noticed it and many get their daily cup of coffee right here on campus. When people heard about the Starbucks coming on to campus, many were excited for its arrival.  The Pioneer investigated whether students are still happy to have it here now that it is a semester old.

Students still seem fairly happy about it. “I love it. I think they do a great job. The service is quality with a smile, and Starbucks coffee and coffee-based products are delicious. Thumbs up in my book.” said Junior Film major, Dontae Hawkins.

Senior Christie Cardinale agreed. “I’m happy with Starbucks because they’re open when I’d expect them to be closed. It makes me smile and warms my heart that they’re open when everything else is closed. I’m spending my meal plan rather than money at Starbucks down the road. Great for my budget as well.” For those who are concerned about their budget, the Starbucks does take dinning dollars and could be a good alternative instead of an off campus Starbucks.

However, no business is perfect and Starbucks still has room for improvement. Junior Photography major, Michael DiFilippo said, “I personally don’t buy Starbucks often but when I do there is always a line. The workers are very slow and socialize with each other instead of paying attention to what they are doing.” DiFilippo isn’t the only unsatisfied customer. Junior Art Education major, Briana Nussbaum, said that she is “not crazy about the service at this new Starbucks. The workers always seem unenthusiastic and work very slowly.”

So it seems that Starbucks may be a good thing but still needs some work. But according to Vincent Gentile, one of the Aramark managers in Hillwood Commons, there are a lot of changes that will be occurring very soon. “Beginning this summer, we will be renovating the Hillwood Cafe. Larger footprint, additional product offerings and food court layout. We are also in the very early stages of planning a renovation of the Winnick Center.”

As of right now, it is safe to say that Starbucks seems to be going over well, but still has some kinks to work out. It is also safe to say that big changes are on their way for the LIU Post dining services and maybe even work out those little problem areas that still need tending to.

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