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If You Had Bill Gates’ Money, How Would You Spend It?

By Michael Otero
Staff Writer

If you had endless amounts of money, how would you spend it? Sadly, that may be a question that we only face in our dreams, and not in reality.

Personally, if I had as much money as the richest person in the world, I would use it to open up a great restaurant in the city. The food would be the best because I would have the best chefs, and the people working for me would know the ins and outs of cooking. In addition to that, I would want to do a lot of traveling and go to a lot of places that many people don’t get the chance to go to. I would love to go to Europe and just travel from country to country because of the rich history that the continent has.

“I would use the money to buy one of my favorite sports franchises,” said Nicholas Laspin, freshman Physical Education major.

“It would be awesome to be the person at the top of that franchise as the owner, and the person signing the checks for the entire working staff at the facility.” Another way to look at it is that in buying a team or franchise, you make a lot of your money back with merchandise, tickets, and food. It is an investment that constantly pays for itself with tons of money coming in the door.

Joseph Ansalone, junior Physical Education major, would have different plans. “If I had that kind of money, I would want to open a huge gym with all the best equipment, best trainers, best everything. There would be sports facilities for basketball, football, soccer, everything.” This relates to sports, but has a different twist to it. In this case, Ansalone is reaching out and doing something that he loves and has a passion for. That is something that everybody wants to do find something that they enjoy doing and doing it for a living, and being able to pass it on to other people.

According to Forbes Magazine, in 2013 Bill Gates was the richest American, valued at $67 billion. However, he was second in the world behind Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helu, who was at $73 billion. If you want to put the amount of money these guys have in perspective, take a look at early industrial America.

If their money was inflation-adjusted to today’s economy, people like John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Cornelius Vanderbilt would all be worth more than double Gates’ $67 billion. Gates’ fortune would be pocket change to these men, the lowest being $185 billion.

So if you had as much money as these people, how would you spend it?

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