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Is iPhone IOS 7 the Apple of Your Eye?

Julian Wilson
Staff Writer

With the release of the latest update to Apple’s iPhone, iOS 7 has evolved the phone from ‘traditional’ ways that framed its original look. While the war on cell phones continues between Apple and Google, the companies that design the iOS and Android software, right now everyone is talking about the new update.

What do LIU students think of the new iPhone update? Beatriz Vacacela, a senior Political Science major, spoke favorably about the new iPhone update. “It’s different, but I like it. It’s a very modern system, and I prefer it over the old one,” Vacacela stated. She continued, “I think the new update has a lot of efficient tools. For me. . . Apple did good.”

The iOS 7 update is more than just another patch to fix possible bugs and errors. The purpose is to make old and new users feel more than welcome to experience it. The application icons are displayed in 2D instead of 3D, to give the iPhone a fresher, more vibrant feel.

Charlie Moerler, a sophomore Broadcasting major, seems to agree. When asked how the new iOS update was compared to the previous ones, Moerler expressed that it was, “like having a new phone, but not in a physical sense.”

Some students, however, cannot help but think that iOS 7’s appearance is strikingly similar to Android. Aneeb Siddiqui, a freshman Pharmacy major, did not have a favorable opinion. “I feel like the lock screen looks well designed, however, everything else could have been better,” he added.

Siddiqui felt as though Apple was attempting to adapt to resemble the style of Android. “I feel like the app structure could have been better. . . It wasn’t original. I feel like they copied Android and made it look like it, as well.”

Students like Yasmine Jones, a senior Criminal Justice major, are still getting used to the update. “I mean it’s alright. I’m still adjusting to it because once you adjust to one thing, now you have to adjust to something new. However, overall I think it’s pretty good, for what it is,” Jones stated.

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