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Kiara Braithwaite ’14

Last updated on Jun 11, 2015

20140509_105403Kiara Braithwaite (’14), the 2013-2014 Design Editor of The Pioneer, is now a Graphic Designer for the Fisherman Magazine Corporation on Long Island. Kiara is in charge of producing the layout for the New Jersey Edition of The Fisherman. She is also in charge of editing online hyperlinks and uploading weekly and monthly online reports of her edition.

“After graduating, I was completely nervous about not getting a job within my field of Digital Art and Design,” Braithwaite said. “This job was sent to my email back in January from a job website and I was completely bummed that I couldn’t make an attempt to apply because they were looking for a full time employee and I had a semester left. Clearly it was not the right time, and I had to be patient to see what else might have been in store for me. Three weeks after graduation, after applying to 15 jobs in my field, I received another email from the same job website saying that The Fisherman was looking for a full time employee! I didn’t waste anytime and I immediately applied. I was hired and welcomed into this amazing company with open arms. I feel truly blessed.”

Kiara is convinced now that everything happens for a reason. She found her lucky number 16! Kiara would like to give special thanks to the LIU Post Pioneer for giving her a great resume that allowed her to land such an amazing career.

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