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Let’s Talk About Sex

Kathleen Joyce

If you haven’t noticed in the news lately, the subject of female contraceptives has been one of the largest trending topics surrounding the Republican primary. By August, President Obama wants to have health care providers cover female contraceptives. Many Republicans oppose this, causing many women activists to speak out against the Republicans running for president.


I’m all for free birth control and what not, but lately, women have been suggesting finding a contraceptive for men, and it’s not condoms. Use your imagination to figure that one out. But in the world of sex, what is safe and what isn’t?


Birth control: When taken the pill correctly, it has been proven to be 99.9 percent effective. The pill does not protect from sexually transmitted diseases. And as any woman knows, it’s easy to forget to take the pill. The pill must be taken every day on a schedule that goes by her menstrual cycle. The NuvaRing is similar to what the pill does, except it is inserted in the vagina and left for three weeks until a new one is put in. It is also 99 percent effective and it does not protect against STDs. Side effects for both are weight gain, nausea, vaginal infections, and erratic periods.


Condoms: The most effective protection against STDs is condoms. They are the most common contraceptive to use during sex, according to an FDA poll.  The use of condoms has decreased since many couples feel the sex isn’t comfortable with the condom. Many couples have tried the “pull out” method,which is what is sounds like – stopping sex before ejaculation. It is also known as the reversible method. Other reversible methods of contraception include IUDS and condoms. IUDS are copper containing devices that are surgically placed in the cervix. It’s a pain in the neck to have, but it is effective for up to five years. The bad news about pulling out is that it can lead to problems later for men such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Also, the pull out method may not always be effective because pre-ejaculate fluids, commonly called “pre-cum,” contains semen and can lead to pregnancy.

Abstinence: According to Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and many religions, abstinence is the way to go. They are right – abstinence is the safest way to go, but is it the sanest? Many doctors have said sex is good for those to let out anger and stress. Many societies that ban sex before marriage experience more acts of rage, aggression, and murder according to the U.S. Conservative Policy Research. Many young adults feel the need to fit in, so having sex is a gateway to be accepted.


For all of us, it is important to be safe from STDs and HIV. Ladies, we should visit a gynecologist once a year, even if we are not sexually active, just to be safe. As for those interested in politics, get prepared to hear a lot about sex in the next few months. Women count in this election, and the more the Republicans hold back from contraceptives, the more likely they will lose out on women voters.

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