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Letter From the Editor

It is definitely not easy being green, as Kermit the Frog and our new alumni columnist, the lovely Kayla Krause, reported in this week’s issue of the Pioneer.  Even though these two individuals have next to nothing in common (last time I checked Kayla was not a puppet), they do have one thing that towers above the rest.  Besides the coincidence that both their names start with the letter K, they both have insight; they have a different perception on what it’s like to be on the “outside.”  After only one semester out of our little college community, Kayla has totally revamped her world.  She has forced herself to start fresh, and make a career for herself.  I can only hope I can achieve what she has done with as much poise and persistence. A job well done partner, you landed your first job and I wanted to use this vessel we started together to personally congratulate you! And of course, Kermit has insight on what its like to be a puppet.  I don’t think any of us know what that’s like.  (Boy, it’s hard to write a letter every week about something…or nothing. Can’t you tell?)


The Pioneer has also tapped into their green side.  One staff writer reports on recycling on campus.  Are we as environmental-friendly as they say?  What does the student body think? The only thing I’ve personally noticed is the “green” toilets in Humanities: “flush up for liquid, flush down for…ya know.”  Not that I’m that big on being green anyway.  What’s aerosol really going to do? As for the rest of the news section, we got the scoop on the microwaves in Brookville hall. Even though they are fixed now, what was the hold up? We also have a few lectures covered from this weekend.


Are you feeling SAD this semester? Our features editor covers why some of you might be feeling those winter blues and what you can do to change your mood.  We also have our relationship columnist on your “body count” – read on to find out what the student body has to say about that.  And as always our Pioneer sports team has covered what’s going on in athletics.


As usual, we love you for picking up the Pioneer.  The more readers the better!  Feel free to write to us or write FOR us.  Just contact us, anytime, at!


Samantha Bishal

Editor in Chief


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