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Letter from the Editor

Hello fellow Pioneers!  Last week I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most talented screenwriters and television producers of our time – Norman Steinberg.  Don’t worry I didn’t recognize the name instantly either.  Hell, I walked right passed him at the event in the Great Hall that Tuesday.  I quickly learned that Steinberg has worked with Mel Brooks on Blazing Saddles among many other things, and has been extremely influential to those looking to get into the TV writing industry.  Here, at Post, those looking to get into that industry may be a small few, however, we can all learn a little something from Steinberg.  As I was listening, while rapidly writing down notes for my article, I noticed a kind of manifested passion that exuded from his lecture.  He made me stop and realize, in the midst of graduation and job applications, that it’s okay to search for what you LOVE to do.  This journey that we’re on, should help us find that passion.

At this time, I would like to formally introduce two new successors to the Pioneer, who plan on following in my passion, Jackie Favaloro and Anne Winberry. As editors in training they took on the task of editing the paper this week – with absolutely no complaints might I add.  Job well done ladies!

This week in news, we covered the annual Fashion Show that took place last Saturday night as well as the amazing music majors who performed in the Vegetable Orchestra last Wednesday.  Playing a watermelon drum with an onion mallet – pretty damn impressive.  One reporter also covered the Red Flag event, which is our photo spread as well – check it out on page 12 and 13! Ready for spring fashion? Our features editor gives you an up to date review on what’s in, out, and least expensive.  And as always we have our opinions and sports sections covering what’s new on campus.

At the Pioneer we are proud to announce the Gaming Event taking place today in the gaming lounge in Hillwood Commons, starting at 12:30p.m.and then again in the evening starting at 7p.m.  Free food will be provided and students will get the chance to be re-introduced to all campus media.  Think you’re really good at video games?  Check it out and we’ll see you there!

One more thing!  Make sure to place your ad for our BRAND NEW classified section!  Anyone can place one, only $10 bucks for 20 words.  Thanks for picking us up! We love you.

Samantha Bishal

Editor in Chief

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