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Letter from the Editor

I always imagined what I’d write in my last “letter from the editor” but then again I never even imagined I’d be writing a first.  This job has taught me more than any class I’ve ever taken and I feel lucky to have had this opportunity.  I did not expect to love it as much as I did (still do) and leaving the Pioneer will be more than bittersweet.


To my staff (both past and present):  It has been an honor working with you.  I can only hope you’ve learned as much from me as I’ve learned from you.  I wish you the best of luck in your future.  Keep on writing and the power of the pen alive!

To the readers: The re-launch of the Pioneer would not have been as successful if it weren’t for your support…even your criticism.  As Kayla and I said in our very first letter, this is your paper; you have every right to tell us what you want in it.  Our only goal was to create something worthy for the student-body, created by the student-body.  My successors and I promise to keep it that way.

To our advisor: Day in and day out you have shown true dedication and leadership to our student newspaper. You have never strayed in teaching us the value of college newspapers and their influence.  I can assure you these are life lessons that will remain with us forever.  This paper would not be the same without you; I would also not be the same without you.

In the last issue of the Pioneer this semester, we have loads of coverage for you.  Curious about the front-page picture? This news story is a must-read for all of you who live on campus.  Trust me.  We also have a follow up story about the stomach virus that happened in the beginning of the year.  Read on for those of you who got sick. Thanks to ACP, the spring fling concert was a hit!  Fabolous performed at the Tilles last Friday night and we have exclusives on how that went. Feeling gloomy about finals? Check out the collage on page 12 – it’s definitely our prettiest yet!

We’ve also included another issue of the Bottom Line this week! Read about the latest in world news.  And as always, thank you for picking up this issue of the Pioneer.  It has been an absolute pleasure. The Pioneer will be back in September.

CONGRATS SENIORS 2011! We did it!

Samantha Bishal

Editor in Chief

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