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Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

Co-Editor-in-Chief Alyssa Seidman
Co-Editor-in-Chief Alyssa Seidman

If you had told me a year ago that I would’ve been the editor-in-chief of a college newspaper as a sophomore, I would have laughed at the concept a little too hard. And yet, here I am, signing off as editor-in- chief of The Pioneer, on to bigger and better things (like head copyeditor for The Bottom Line!!).

When I came to Post in the fall of 2013, I signed up for this little known course called Journalism 41, which I was really excited about taking since writing is what I had come to school for. Little did I know that staying the course (pun intended) would give me the opportunity to move up the ranks of The Pioneer’s e- board, eventually becoming its new co-editor-in-chief the following fall.

The whole reason I’d deferred my transfer application to Hofstra that winter was because I was offered an assistant editor’s position in spring 2014. Due to outside circumstances, I was then promoted to news editor shortly after, and it was the most difficult yet rewarding experience I have had thus far in college. Being a section editor as a freshman is no easy feat, yet my efforts were realized when I was pulled into a room mid-March with this blonde, Swedish boy who I had never spoken to before that day (he sat in the “sports corner” of the newsroom – foreign territory (pun intended) for yours truly). We were told that together we’d be the new co-editors-in-chief.

A year has gone by, and that blonde, Swedish boy is now one of my best friends. Undertaking this leadership position with Max has been worth every late night layout, faculty complaint, and overblown staff ego combined. I couldn’t imagine spending so much time with anyone else. I truly feel that we’ve raised this paper to unimaginable heights – from designing a new, fresh (and controversial) masthead, to improving story content, and attracting more readers than ever before.

I have accomplished so much as editor-in-chief of The Pioneer. I’ve reported on the BRAVE initiative, Local 153’s fight for fair contracts, and even interviewed the hardest working man in show business, Jay Leno (which I’m still getting over). Aside from journalistic experience, I’ve been able to communicate with my fellow students and members of the administration in ways I’d never thought possible. This position has strengthened my presence as a student leader at LIU Post, and has given me invaluable experience to last a lifetime. Thank you, and keep reading!

Sincerely yours,
Alyssa Seidman

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