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Letter From The Editors

Dear Readers,

I would like to start off by saying thank you. Thank you for reading the Pioneer every week this semester and letting us count on you to help us improve. It is finally the last week of the semester; congratulations, you’ve made it! It’s been a long and trying semester for all of us but also one filled with huge news stories. From local news like Hurricane Sandy, to national news such as the re-election of President Obama, to campus news including the relocation of LIU Post’s commencement ceremony, we’ve covered it all. In this issue, you can find a list of the top Pioneer stories from this semester, as well as a compiled list of other top news stories, movies and songs of 2012.

Unfortunately, this issue is not only filled with holiday cheer. With the announcement of the 2013 LIU Post commencement ceremony being held at the Barclays Center and the coverage of it in the Pioneer, came an enormous amount of student feedback. You can find letters from various students in response to the commencement article in this issue as well. We proudly publish student responses and in this instance, many of us here at the Pioneer share a mutual feeling towards the matter. It saddens me to see that the only sense of “unity” really visible, is that us seniors are united in not understanding or wanting to accept the commencement ceremony being moved from our beautiful campus, that we have grown to love and call our home, to a strange and foreign place many of us have yet to even see.

On a brighter note, I would like to also thank our incredible staff for a semester filled with hard work. I believe that we all learned a lot from each other and I hope to continue to go down this positive path with you next semester as well. Over winter break many of us will be working on coming up with new and innovative ways to bring news to our campus community, so feel free to email us with all of your suggestions at!

On behalf of the Pioneer, I would like to wish each and every one of you the happiest of holidays, a wonderful New Year spent with loved ones and tons of rest so you can come back ready to take on the spring semester!

Best Wishes,
Olivia Wicik

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