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Letter From the Editors: Anne Winberry

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who has supported the Pioneer this year. Jacqueline, our staff and I have worked tirelessly this year to provide LIU Post with a great paper and we have definitely accomplished that.


As journalists, we have a job. Our job is to inform the public. If we never reported issues or situations about our campus, we would not be doing our jobs. When we report a news story, it is never to “bash” or make any one look bad. Our stories have always and continue to be fair and balanced news.


It is incredible to see students, faculty and staff reading our paper. The fact that we are reaching some, if not all of you, is the most rewarding part of this experience. Even when people criticize us, there is still a sense of happiness because then we know people are reading. And we will always have our critics. If we did not report a certain story, people would say we weren’t doing our jobs and when we report something people don’t like, then we’re being insensitive.


No matter what, our staff, Jacqueline and I will continue to report fair and balanced stories. We are absolutely open to suggestions and to ideas. We invite all students to come to our meetings every Monday during Common Hour in Hillwood Commons.


We hope that everyone continues to read the Pioneer and send in your suggestions to

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