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Letter to Readers – 9.27.10

BOO! Did we scare you? No? Either way, Halloween is officially here! And whether you join in on the festivities or not, it is the perfect time for throwing your cares away after a long week of exams and midterm papers.  Even though Halloween is not technically a school tradition, after four years we found it to be a holiday where all students at C.W. Post come together.  Post unity truly shines on this particular weekend.  We don’t know if it’s thinking of creative costumes with friends or just the sheer excitement of going out with the entire school, but there is definitely something in the air.  And forget to go trick-or-treating on Sunday.  We don’t think you’re ever too old to stuff your face with candy.

This final October issue is jam packed with news!  Our news editor has the scoop on what’s been going on with Long Island University’s radio stations. Good or bad news for our campus?  This front cover story is continued on page three.  Another staff writer also covers WCWP regarding its recent renovations.  Does parking on campus piss you off? Check out what students say about it on page 8.  This section is wrapped up with an enticing piece on our very own Hillwood Cinema.  Did you know we had one?  Most students on campus didn’t.

We feature a bunch of different articles this issue: from a professor spotlight to a new stat on college students getting engaged.  Not to mention our nutrition column is back this week with new interesting ways to fuel the brain! Our features editor gives tips on what to eat in our very own cafeteria.  Our sports section is full as well with coverage on your fall athletic teams.

That’s all for this issue but we would like to take this time to remind all of you that we are looking for writers, editors, photographers, graphic design experts, and even cartoonists!  Just email to let us know if you are interested in joining our team.

Don’t forget about our contest that we ran in the last three issues.  All upperclassmen that submit suggestions to us using the email address above, has the chance to win a grand prize of $500!

On that note, Happy Halloween from your staff at the Pioneer and The Post Bottom Line.


Samantha Bishal and Kayla Krause

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