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Letter to Readers

Letter to the readers,

Not only is the season changing, there ís a new air on campus.  It’s not that fresh cool breeze that slips through your window screens at night either.  Students are a little rambunctious and more energetic than usual this week.  You might have even seen some familiar faces- former students or faculty (cough, cough alumni.)  The athletic teams, especially the football team, have more adrenaline pumping through their veins because this is just any weekend for Post.  It’s Homecoming weekend!!

This is the one weekend that current and past Postonians take the most pride in. Essentially it’s the one time of the year when the entire school really comes together.  Students gather at the pep rally on Friday night.  The residence halls compete for the best and most creative skit, athletic teams are introduced for the seasons, a DJ provides the music and suddenly you are caught up with the crowd that’s singing some song you don’t even know.  But you sure as hell are having a fun time!  Then Saturday comes and everyone watches the football game on Hickox field.  There’s tailgating in the Pratt parking lot, families of students come from all over the states, alumni return to play in athletic games or just to come and enjoy the day with their alma mater!

If you’re a freshmen, than you have to experience this for yourself.  Trust us, this is not an event to miss at Post.  But before we get too carried away, lets introduce the sixth edition of our student newspaper.  Many interesting articles this week; one focuses on the increase of tuition, while one of our editors discusses the two primary candidates for New York governor.  In sports, both the boys and girls cross-country teams traveled to sunny Florida and came back with a few record-breaking times.

As for our arts and entertainment section of Loomings, we are still looking for anyone interested in writing book, movie or game reviews.  Please email us at  HYPERLINK “” cwpstpnr@gmail.comÖdonít forget, we are still looking for that 50th email to give away that $500 prize!

From your staff of the Pioneer, Happy Homecoming and good luck Pioneers!

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