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Letter to the Editor

Post’s Healthcare Debate: It’s Not Rocket Science

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First, you wasted your introduction with your crappy analogy to our own healthcare system. We don’t have universal health care and this country is never going to be socialistic. There is no threat of socialism and quite frankly you need to stop obsessing over it. It’s people like you that will never allow socialism to “plague” our country. I remember you in my POL 304 class and you used to annoy me when we were studying Marx. Plus, socialism has worked out great in other countries and so has universal health care. Nonetheless, this is not about America’s health care system; this is about our problem with the doctor only being here a couple hours out of the week.

There is a nurse always here. For most of our minor medical problems, this is the pretty much the only person we need to see. Here is a personal story. On the way to one of my classes, I rode a Razor scooter down Chipmunk Trail, picked up speed at the end of the hill, flipped over the front of the handlebars, and scraped up my elbow pretty much to the point where you could see the bone. Do I go to class bleeding or do I go to the infirmary? I think the choice is obvious. Point is that if you are sick enough or hurt enough that you must see a doctor, then you should be missing class anyway. There is no argument there. If you got the flu, the nurse will give you medication and suggest to set an appointment with the doctor when he is here. Might I remind you that the doctor that works here is the director of the hospital down the road from the school and he volunteers here.

We’re not going to charge students for an around-the-clock doctor. If you get deathly ill in the middle of the night, you simply call Public Safety, the EMT’s come and put you in the ambulance, and they transport you to the hospital 2 minutes down Northern Boulevard. It’s not Rocket Science bro.

– Anonymous

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