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LIU Global & Study Abroad

By Chloé Margulis
Staff Writer

Usually, at the end of senior year in high school, many students will take a road trip with their friends to explore the great unknown before heading off on different paths to college. Yes, this is an invigorating experience, but what if you can get the same experience—if not one more intense and diversified—in college?

The LIU Global and Study Abroad programs offer a different learning experience outside of the classroom
The LIU Global and Study Abroad programs offer a different learning experience outside of the classroom

“End-of-high-school-road-trips” are not the end of adventure in our student lives. Universities these days are offering more study abroad opportunities to the students than ever before. LIU is one of those universities that have broadened their international spectrum. We are lucky to have LIU Global and regular studying abroad.

What is LIU Global? LIU is the only college in the world with a fulltime immersion in numerous countries around the world with classroom and field study, internships, and community service. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, the catch is, to be part of LIU Global you have to be in the Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies program. If you are part of this unique program, you live eight semesters abroad in eight or more diverse countries. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn about cultures, experience new and unique adventures, and be educated in a degree about Global Studies. The program is somewhat limiting, however, since there are only afew countries you can travel to, making it difficult to create a customized study abroad experience. If you are interested in this program, all this information, and more, can be found under the LIU Global tab on LIU’s website.

Whereas LIU Global pertains to a specific program and limited options of countries to live in, general study abroad is the best option for all other students. LIU has recently expanded its study abroad opportunities to include London, Turkey, Thailand, India, Japan, China, Costa Rica, Australia, and Taiwan. The school offers over a dozen affiliated study abroad programs during all times of the year in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. Some current programs include tropical reef dynamics in Fiji, dolphin social behavior in Costa Rica, and tropical marine biology in Jamaica. And, if you don’t like LIU’s affiliated programs, you can also apply to non-affiliated programs through Academic Programs International, AIFSA, Arcadia University, CIEE, and GlobaLinks. All you have to do is schedule a meeting with Patricia Murdock, Director of Study Abroad, at patricia.murdock@liu. edu to start creating your study abroad experience.

It is easier now, more than ever, to pack a suitcase and spend a semester (or summer session) in England, Africa, Asia—you name it. Whether it’s eating a baguette in a local Parisian café, watching a bull fight in a Spanish village, or trekking the Great Wall of China, studying abroad helps us grow as individuals and members of our society. It is a good thing that study abroad opportunities at LIU are growing by the day, because, in my opinion, it is a vital component of our education.

Studying abroad diversifies our understanding of ourselves in culture. Not only are you fully immersed in a foreign landscape, but you are also educated in classroom and community settings. Every study abroad experience is completely different, and one you will not regret. Your end-of-high-school-road-trip is just the beginning of bigger and better adventures throughout college and beyond.

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