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March Is Not a Good Time to Fall Behind

Tina Kasin Online Editor

Christina Morgera

We’re halfway through March, which means halfway through the spring semester, and it’s time to figure out where we are with our grades. At this point, it’s now or never; students have to make a choice whether they’re satisfied or not, and then fix the problem, if there is one. If we wait for much longer, it’s going to be too late. However, this is easier said than done. Many students tend to fall behind at this time of the year, and summer break seems to be too far away. It’s hard to find motivation, and a lack of motivation equals a lack of energy and a lack of enthusiasm.

If you’re falling behind, is it ok to ask your professors for help? Yes, of course it is, and you absolutely should. They usually know how to help you if you tell them about your struggles, and you should therefore talk it out with them, and try to set up a plan for how to succeed. If you still need help after this, form a study group. It’s always easier to work with others in the same situation, and a group of people can be motivating. I know I prefer to study with somebody than by myself. Yes, you can get distracted, but it’s a good kind of distraction because you’re being social. Also, someone might see things differently than you, which could inspire you.

However, if you get too distracted in a study group, then a tutor might be the correct answer. You’re sitting with only one other person who wants you to understand and to focus, and he or she doesn’t care about other not-school-related things in your life (usually). Contact the Learning Support Center at 516-299-3057 for more information about tutoring services.

If you like to do things yourself, then all you have to do is to refocus. Start over again, and plan your days. Write down important messages or tasks, and tell yourself to study every day, and then take the weekends off. Find something that motivates you. You could, for instance, tell yourself that if you manage to study well this week, then you’re going to go buy that dress or video game you’ve been wanting for so long. The library hours are Monday through Thursday, 8 AM – 11 PM, Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM, Saturday, 8 AM – 5 PM and Sunday, 12 noon – 8 PM. Or you could take your homework to the Hillwood study lounge or the study lounge in your dorm building.

“Since I’m a senior, I can feel myself tapering off. But what is keeping me motivated is the fact that I’m graduating in less than two months,” said senior Biology major, Hailey Brosnan.

“Well, I’m in my last semester and have been feeling ‘senioritis.’ When I’m falling behind, I make a list of all upcoming due dates, quizzes, and tests and so on. Once I’ve made a list, I tackle one thing at a time and try not to get overwhelmed. Also, working on campus, at the library, seems to help me get school work done,” said senior Radiology major, Kimberly Lynne.

Finals begin on May 3. Don’t fall behind! Tell yourself that you can do this and find a way to succeed that works for you.

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