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New Changes to the Food Lineup

By Julian Wilson
Assistant Opinions Editor

If you’re a dormer or commuter, finding someplace to eat on campus is not a difficult task. With choices ranging from Winnick Center, Subway, Starbucks, Hillwood Cafe, The End Zone, and Post Treat Shoppe, options aren’t limitless, but yet quite diverse.

However, even with these selections, some students find themselves searching for food elsewhere, or bringing in their own meals, to compensate for food variety on campus.

Some students may be wondering what Post has in store for the future? As announced in the article “New Food Additions to Campus” published in The Pioneer on April 1, Aramark is looking to add two new food places on campus: The Bleeker Street Café that will be located in the library and Twisted Taco that will share space with Subway.

Junior Broadcasting major Kaitlin Veygel believes the idea of bringing in new food venues is a step in the right direction, but thinks otherwise about the brands and placements of the venues themselves.

“I think something like a deli would be better,” Veygel said. “Maybe where we can get fresh bagels, and made to order sandwiches from sources like ‘Boar’s Head’ or other reputable meat products.”

Senior Information Technology Management major John DiMartino thinks that it’s a good idea overall because it meets the students’ wish for more food options. It may also help cut some of the lines at other venues, if these are serving food in a quick manner. “Post should consult students about these things much like they do Spring Fling,” Veygel said. “Not everyone like tacos; give us options that everyone, or the majority of the school population is happy with. I suggest bagels!”

Personally, I agree with DiMartino that introducing new food venues is a progressive step in the right direction. However, I also agree with Veygel that the locations of the venues themselves are a little obscure, and could be placed in better areas, with more free space to work with. Other than that, I’m fully behind the idea, and I’m curious to see what direction this is going to take, and how it’s going to be handled among the student body as a whole. I’m anticipating next year to come already.

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