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New Years’ Resolutions

By Harry Pearse
Staff Writer

It seems pretty guaranteed that almost every person in the world, let alone at the mighty college of LIU Post, set themselves a New Year’s resolution: “I need to get more fit,” “I am going to join a gym,” or my favorite, “I’m going to eat healthier this year.” We all know that these very farfetched and almost impossible tasks are completely ruled out after the first or second weekend, right? However, some of these goals and targets are reachable.

For example, I have set myself the target to get more fit for next soccer season. Being on a sports team where we have our own individual fitness programs, as well as being an athlete, simplifies the task. But the tough remains to stay disciplined and focused on the task you have set.

For many students (including myself), we set these resolutions on New Year’s Day when we are on our Christmas break at home. Generally the first week is great, we are feeling healthy, energetic, and proud of ourselves. But then comes the time to return to college, and all of the distractions and temptations begin to return into your everyday life.

We get asked questions like, “Hey, how was your holiday…Happy Hour on Friday?” This is one of the first questions I got asked when I was back. After this conversation, one of my promises not to drink too much began to rot away and never come back. This must have happened to nearly every student who likes to spend their Friday nights down at the Hofstra bars, and I know that they must have felt the same way.

Although I really do believe in “having a fresh start to a new year,” I still think we have to be rational and smart about how we make these resolutions. We have to make sure they stick and make sure they are realistic for ourselves at this particular time in our lives. For example, a college student making a resolution not to drink and to stop partying too hard is nuts! At this time and at this age, I feel we should enjoy ourselves, especially since= we are at college.

However, I also think that we should follow our goals we set on that hangover-morning of January 1. If this means going to the gym once or twice a week, followed by a “huge partying sesh” on Friday or Saturday, then so be it. Keep your healthy principles you’ve set yourselves ticking! Ask yourself the question: “Have I kept to my New Years resolution?” And even though most of us will say, “Nah, probably not.” We can try and get back on track.

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