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On-Campus Shuttle Times

By Sana Zahra
Staff Writer

Class ends at 4:50 p.m., but the on-campus shuttle does not pick you up until 5:25 p.m. It gets dark and you’re tired of waiting, so you decide to just walk instead. Isn’t this what the majority of students who take the shuttle have to face every day?

“The shuttle is a great service for students who have class all over campus, especially when you have a class all the way at Lorber Hall,” said Zaroon Ahsan, a senior Finance and Marketing major. “However, usually students end up waiting much longer due to the weird shuttle timings that aren’t in sync [with] class schedules.”

Last semester, I was 15 minutes late to my classes because the shuttle would leave way before the class ended. During the winter, this is the last thing someone would want to experience.

“I believe the shuttle needs to [be] more available and accessible for the students on campus,” said Ervin Gonzales, a freshman Musical Theater major.

It will be very helpful and more convenient for students who need to go to South Campus if the shuttle ran at least three times an hour. It becomes a problem when students needs to visit South Campus for ten minutes, only to end up waiting for the shuttle for at least 40 minutes.

Since morning and afternoon classes have a ten-minute gap inbetween them, it becomes an issue for students to reach South Campus or come back to the Main Campus for their next class.

“I have been left at Lorber Hall multiple times in the past, which causes me to be late for another class,” said Miki Maloney, a junior Education major. “The shuttle is very inconvenient [in this way].”

An on-campus shuttle is a free and convenient way to get to South Campus for those who can’t drive. Yet, making the schedule work better with class times can improve this service. This way, students don’t miss the shuttle or arrive late to their next class.

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