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Party-less People

Ashley Noble

What are the perks of living the ‘college life’ without the social aspect? Not much! Of course, as college students, we jump at any opportunity to have a good time, as long as it fits into our budgets. Generally, the student body is very excited when there is a party being thrown on campus. Everything is done right to make sure people on and off campus look forward to the party. The theme is chosen, flyers are put up weeks in advance, the best DJ is booked, and the word is put out on Facebook and Twitter. Party seekers from campus as well as other schools come dressed in their best attires just to wait on line for a while, hoping to buy a ticket for the night’s main event before it reaches the maximum capacity. According to Wendell John, a junior political science major, “The parties are always good when I come here, even though I have to wait more than an hour on the line. I transferred out of Post, and I still come back because it is worth it.”

So what’s happening this semester in terms of the C.W. Post campus party spirit (and no, we don’t mean having ‘a gathering in your dorm room’ kind of party; we mean the ones you won’t get in trouble for)? Parties are thrown on campus to boost and maintain campus morale. Since January, when the spring 2011 semester began, the campus “welcome back” party thrown by ACP, with a “geeked out” theme, was the only party on campus party to date. However, the party was cancelled because only three people showed up. “I could not believe that no one showed up to the party, especially since I was one of the few people there! We received a refund of our money, so that was alright, I guess,” said senior business major, Chantelle James.

The welcome back party was so low in attendance because of what we would call “bad timing.” In the time period that the party date fell on, there was also a huge snowstorm, as well as the virus outbreak on campus. Apparently, people just weren’t in the partying mood.  Another reason why the welcome back party may have had been low in attendance could be the fact that this party did not allow for off campus guests. A lot of students love to bring their friends to Post, and, for this party, it was not allowed.

A student, who wanted to keep his identity confidential, stated, “I feel that a Post-student-only party is a very bad idea. This campus is already known as a ‘suitcase school,’ so most people go home if there is nothing to do on campus. So, why would anyone pay money to see the same people they could see on campus any other day, or for free, in someone’s dorm party? It just seems like a waste of a club’s money to have a party like this, especially if it is only going to be held in the Winnick!”

Even though that party was cancelled, there are a few more to look forward to before the end of the semester. Greek life will hold the Greek Week “Toga Party” in March, and the Black Students United will hold the annual “Pajama Jammy Jam” on April 16, 2011, during Spring Fling Week. These are parties that have always been known to sell out and are rumored to be worth your buck, so look out for flyers around campus for additional information about these events.

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