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Pioneer Staff Resolutions

1. Save money so I can move to the city! – Olivia Wicik
2. Be a better me. – Alex Parker
3. Stop eating Papa John’s every Sunday just because they have awesome deals on Sundays! – Chrissy Morgera
4. Go to the gym and workout consistently. – David Otero
5. Go to the gym and get in shape. – Bryan Gallucci
6. More programs for TWice as Nice and enhance my editing skills. – Tia Mona Greene
7. Getting into law school! – Jazlyn Beltre
8. Cut down on diet coke. – Freddie
9. Make a few positive changes in my life and those around me. – Paul Kalis
10. Start making dinner. – Cecilie Nag
11. Get better! – Eirik Bjorno
12. Stop hanging out wth Gine (best roomie ever). – Tina Kasin
13. Exercise and go outside more often. – Nate
14. Promote for all the clubs I am in and improve my editorial writing. – Khadija Greenidge
15. Stay organized as I plan my cousins wedding. – Marisa Anziano
16. Stop procrastinating. – Dori Valerio
17. Finish writing a script. – Pete Barell
18. Start better work habits/ read more. – Andrew Morales

What’s yours?

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