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Plastering on the Makeup

Kathleen Joyce

You can’t escape it! The ads for makeup on the television, in magazines and newspapers, even when you’re playing a game on your phone, there is an ad for a product that promises to make you more beautiful. Well, sign me up! I’m all for looking good. I can admit in the recent years I have spent hundreds of dollars on beauty products, but is it worth it? What do people see when they look at your painted face anyway?

I came to this realization a few weeks ago. I used to cake on the makeup, especially foundation and eyeliner. I’ll admit I have terrible skin, so the more foundation I use, the more it starts to cover up. Eyeliner just looks bad when it’s not even so I’m constantly checking it. I never noticed it before, but while at work one day, as I was checking my face in the mirror for the umpteenth time, a guy I work with confronted me and said, “Kat, you really need to lighten up on the makeup. I can see a makeup line and honestly, men don’t find that attractive.” I was shocked, hurt, and angry. So I ripped the guy a new one and continued with my shift. Later on, I was complaining to a few girlfriends about the comment and they agreed with him. I couldn’t believe it, had I been walking around looking like a clown for the past four years?

The answer is no, I just needed to lighten up. I didn’t actually need all the makeup. But when you go to a makeup store and the girls make you up what they’re really doing is selling a product. Besides, let’s be honest, a lot of girls wear way more makeup then they should. So I’m just going with the trend I guess you can say. A friend finally told me that makeup should be worn, but it shouldn’t be obvious except for eye makeup. I was stunned. I want people to know I take the time to do my makeup, but ladies, no guy is going to start a conversation by asking how long it takes you to do your makeup. It seems most men would prefer their women to wear little to no makeup (unless of course they wear makeup themselves). So what did I do?

I lightened up entirely on makeup and I can say I feel more confident. Yes, my skin isn’t great, but I’ve learned to accept it. Besides I look a lot better without all that crap caked on to my face. And besides my skin is clearing up because my pores aren’t clogged with ingredients that I can’t pronounce.

So ladies, how much makeup is too much? Makeup should only be applied once a day and removed at the end of the day. Sure a touch up is good here and there, but not another application. It also should not take you any longer than 10 minutes to do your makeup. Also it is important to blend your makeup with your face color so you don’t look like a circus performer. Tips can be found online or if you want, go to a specialist. Sephora and MAC give great advice and can find the right products for your skin. Good luck with your application and remember makeup is just an enhancer for your beauty. You already have the beauty; you’re just trying to compliment it.

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