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Political Column

Nicole Ramlogan

Welcome to the Pioneer’s 2011 political column! One thing I promise to do with this column is to make it as interesting as possible to keep you guys updated on some of the pressing issues that are going on right now, that are crucial to us. Whether they are local or national political issues, I know that some of the interviews and presidential addresses that come to your attention some nights when you’re watching TV can be very lengthy, and sometimes boring, but all of the issues that are addressed by the President and Congress affect us and our future. Politics may be hard to understand, but are ultimately important to all of us. Whether it’s a little vote to save a forest from getting cut down, or a larger election to decide who will become the next President of the United States, we should get involved, or at least become aware of what is happening in the world. I mainly like to focus on the issues that are affecting our generation.

Recently there was a proposal to issue a bond for $400 million (check amount) of Nassau County taxpayers’ money spent on rebuilding the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Many, myself included, felt that this was outrageous. Our taxes are high enough as it is and they wanted to raise them to pay for a new Coliseum? Granted many of us Long Islanders enjoy many of the events that occur at the Coliseum, but there are many other improvements that need to be made to our county. If taxes were raised at all they should at least go to things like helping the homeless, or funding jobs for those with families who are still unemployed.  When the results came in,  the majority of people had voted against raising their taxes to spending money on a new Coliseum. This goes to show the power and effect that voters can have.  Anyone can make a change. To do so, we must be aware of what is happening. By being aware of what is going on, you can do something to make a change, and your voice can be heard.

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