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Post Students and Spring Fashion

By Melanie Spina
Co-Opinions Editor

It might not feel like it’s spring time, but in the fashion world, it is officially spring season. The stores have switched their hats and boots for sunglasses and sandals. According to, this year’s spring trends are all about self-expression. LIU Post students spoke about what they are most excited to see in spring fashion.

One of the newest trends is statement chokers, just like back in the 90s. Whitney Arnow, a freshman fashion merchandising major, claims she is really excited to start wearing them this season. Arnow likes to keep up with everything that is going on in the fashion world and she believes that there are a lot of fun trends for this spring. “Denim is a huge trend right now, so I’ll be wearing a lot of that,” she said. “Also, lace is always a must.” For Arnow, spring is the bridge to summer so she is also looking forward to wearing flowy dresses and shorts.

Spring trends are not only available for women; more and more men are starting to pay attention to fashion trends. Jeniel Terrero, a senior broadcasting major, believes that spring is the perfect season to explore with your wardrobe and try out different trends, especially when it comes to street style. “My favorite trends this season are pastel clothing, from caps to sweatshirts, and sneakers,” Terrero said. “I’m also loving suede jackets which have been making a splash across many high end retail outlets.”

“Do-it-yourself” is also something Terrero sees as a trend this season, “loose ft jeans with DIY raw hems has become popular this season,” he said. “I love this trend because you can style it grunge or urban, and still make it look cool and laid back.”

The Student Body Boutique in Hillwood Commons has been preparing for this season as they decorate the shop with flowers and put emphasis on their spring items. Sandra Angilletta, a junior art therapy major who works at the boutique, said that as of right now they don’t have a new spring line. “It’s hard to order clothes now since it is the end of the semester and we are not open over the summer,” she said. “However we do have a large mix of clothes out right now that includes some spring essentials.”

The boutique has taken out more shorts and tank tops for the spring, Angilletta said. “One item that sells really well this season are the graphic tees,” she said. “We also have a basic soft hoodie that sold really quickly.” The Student Body Boutique will be open through May 6 and will close until the beginning of the fall semester.

As fashion is not revolutionary but evolutionary, it’s always changing. Therefore, it can become a bit overwhelming. This season seems to bring back old trends and incorporate them to the modern times. So, if you have an old choker from when you were little or if your mom still has her denim overalls, take them out and add them to your wardrobe.

Many more trends from the past are definitely making a comeback. Tying a shirt around your waist is a trend that was quite popular in the 90s that we are now seeing again. Using bandanas, whether it is in your hair or around your neck like a scarf, is another big trend adapted from past decades. Remember those round sunglasses from the 90s? Well, those are back too, so go looking for your old pair. Hopefully the weather will work in fashion’s favor so people can start to break out their spring outfits.

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